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HR Consultancy


Essential HRM can give you all the benefits of a Human Resources professional dedicated to helping your company in all of its HR needs without having to create a HR role within your company.  We are highly experienced and skilled in handling all of your HR needs saving you time and money. Whether it is getting your HR function up and running or taking your company one step further into the realm of employer of choice, Essential HRM can help you get you there.

Take advantage of our expertise today and help keep your company moving forward!

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Performance Management

Does your performance management system align employees goals to overall business goals? Enable constructive feedback for improvement? Create meaningful development plan for growth?  Do you have specific performance issues you are struggling to manage?

Essential HRM can develop a customised performance management process and train your leaders on how to successfully conduct performance appraisals.  We can also assist in managing specific performance issues to get the best outcome for your employee/s and your business.

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Interim HR or Contract Support

Essential HRM is available to assist you with Interim HR Support during peak periods.  Whether it’s a big project that requires additional resourcing or the need to replace team member absence or for help needed during a period of transition, we can assist your company on an interim basis.

Roles we are able to fill include:

  • Interim HR Manager / Director
  • Contract HR Generalist
  • HR Project Specialist including Change Projects and Mergers & Acquisitions
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Organisational Analysis & Design

If you have a skilled team of experts,  but you just aren’t getting the business results you need, an Organisational Analysis can diagnose what’s getting in the way of your business success.

We begin with a comprehensive review of your business to ensure we get an accurate snapshot of your current organization.  Then we get clear on your objectives and future state.  Some potential recommendations to realise your future state include:

  • Assessing design elements such as organization structure realignment
  • Redefining operating norms
  • Addressing potential root causes which can help improve operations
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